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CAUTION : Your Tapes Are Deteriorating As You're Reading This - Don't Delay
You have home movie footage on tape, camcorder Mini DVDs or even on a Hard Disk (HDD) camcorder and you've not had a chance to transfer this to DVD. Everytime you think of getting it done you don't seem to have the time and the cost seems more than you'd like to spend. Plus you don't want to send your irreplaceable tapes in the post or leave them in a shop. Sadly, as time passes your precious footage will literally deteriorate and the cost of transferring it to DVD will simply increase (and eventually become impossible at any price). This is because the magnetic tape inside those VHS, VHSC, SVHS, SVHSC, Mini DV, 8mm, Hi8 or Digital8 cassettes WILL eventually decompose over time, it may start sticking together and the equipment needed to transfer the precious footage will become more scarce. As for HDD camcorders, the hard disks in them WILL eventually fail (as do all hard disks). Trying to then retrieve footage or any data from these devices WILL cost thousands of pounds.

If Your Tapes Are Precious DO NOT Take Them To A Shop
If you don't want to send those irreplaceable tapes in the post or leave them in a shop (where they'll be left unattended overnight, could get lost or become damaged by a shop assistant), you can arrange to drop off tapes in person! We believe recorded family histories in the form of home movies is one of the most valuable assets you can pass on to the next generation. We love family events and feel it's absolutely unjust that such moments once captured on video tape are not shared, instead being left to literally rot in their cassettes! To help share your family moments caught on Tape (or those HDD/ Mini DVD camcorders), we can convert/transfer your memories onto DVD. We can do this for nearly all formats including VHS, SVHS, (S-VHS), SVHS-C, (S-VHS-C or SVHSC), VHS-C (VHSC), 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, Mini DV (DVT), Mini camcorder DVD or HDD camcorders.

Play Our DVDs On Any Player Anywhere
Our DVDs will play on any modern DVD player, Blu Ray Player, personal computer (PC), MacBook or Apple Mac and in any region in the world. The DVDs have a single standard title menu and unless other options are ordered, your DVD(s) will have our standard logo and supplied in a DVD case (with our standard inlay). For an additional charge we can supply your DVD(s) in a beautiful Metal Presentation Box.

Got Other Material You Want Transferred To DVD ?
We transfer any material you have on Tape onto DVD, if you have it on tape and want the material transferred onto DVD we can do it. We simply ask you make sure you have the copyright and / or permission of the copyright holders.

Industry Standard Quality
We use some of the best industry standard methods to improve the quality of old analogue VHS, SVHS, SVHSC, VHS-C, 8mm & Hi8 cassette tapes.

- Up To 1 Hours Footage From 1 Tape : £12.95 (Single DVD)
- Up To 2 Hours Footage From 1 Tape : £18.00 (Single DVD)
- Up To 3 Hours Footage From 1 Tape : £25.00 (Double DVD)
- Up To 4 Hours Footage From 1 Tape : £30.00 (Double DVD)
- Up To 5 Hours Footage From 1 Tape : £40.00 (Triple DVD)
- Up To 6 Hours Footage From 1 Tape : £45.00 (Triple DVD)
- DISCOUNTS for 10+ tapes (of the same format) converted at the same time
- EXTRA Copies : Half Price for additional copies
- NOTE : No footage found : Charged @ Maximum Tape Length

PRICES For : Camcorder Mini DVD To A Ordinary Full Size DVD
- Up To 1 Hours Footage From 1 Mini DVD : £13.95
- Up To 2 Hours Footage From 1 Mini DVD : £17.95
- DISCOUNTS for multiple Mini DVDs converted at the same time - Ask for details
- EXTRA Copies : Half Price for additional copies
- Unknown Footage : Charged @ Maximum Disc Length

PRICES For : Standard Or HD Footage From A Hard Disk (HDD) Camcorder
For Standard Or HD Footage 4:3 & 16:9 (Widescreen) Converted To SD DVD Format
- Up To 1 Hours Footage From 1 Camcorder : £14.95 (Single DVD)
- Up To 2 Hours Footage From 1 Camcorder : £19.95 (Single DVD)
- Up To 3 Hours Footage From 1 Camcorder : £26.95 (Double DVD)
- Up To 4 Hours Footage From 1 Camcorder : £29.95 (Double DVD)
- Up To 5 Hours Footage From 1 Camcorder : £37.95 (Triple DVD)
- Up To 6 Hours Footage From 1 Camcorder : £45.95 (Triple DVD)
- EXTRA Copies : Half Price for additional copies

NEW : Smartphone Footage To DVD : Bring Us Your Phone & We'll Do The Rest !
- Up To 1 Hours (Combined) Footage : £25.00
- Up To 2 Hours (Combined) Footage : £45.00
- Up To 3 Hours (Combined) Footage : £50.00
- EXTRA Copies : Half Price for additional copies
- Please note DVDs are NOT High Definition So Your Footage Will Be Converted To DVD Standard
- We can transfer it as HD footage allowing playback on HD equipment

NEW : Memory Card (SD / SDHC / SDXC Cards) Videos To DVD Back-Up Service
- Files fitting on 1 DVD : £7.50
- Files fitting on 2 DVDs : £15.00
- Files fitting on 3 DVDs : £22.50
- Files fitting on 4 DVDs : £28.00
- Files fitting on 5 DVDs : £35.00

Please note : The Memory Card is a back-up copying service where we can transfer the Video Files from your memory card onto a DVD. The DVD will play in any computer (PC) or Apple Mac. The footage should also be able to be played on a DVD or Blu-Ray player. If however your Memory Card footage is High Definition (HD) then the DVD should work on all devices except DVD players (as DVD players cannot play HD video). The DVDs created for this service will have a tree type file structure.

PRICES For : Additional Options
- Same Day / While You Wait Available : Please Call For Availability & Price
- Black image / text printed on matt gold DVD : From £10 (Call Us For A Quote)
- Metal DVD Presentation Box (See Above Picture) Each Holding Upto 2 DVDs : £3.95 / Box
- Customised Menus, DVDs, & Artwork Covers : Call Us For Pricing
- Discounts On Large / Mixed Media Orders : Call Us For Pricing

PRICES For : Broken Cassette Repair / Replacement Service
If you have VHS / SVHS / VHSC / S-VHSC / Mini DV, Hi8 or 8mm PAL cassettes which are broken and no longer able to be played, then we will be able to replace or repair these (and we can of course transfer/ convert the content on to DVD if you wish). This additional service for replacing or repairing broken cassette shells and tape mechanism is charged at £29 for VHS tapes and £39 for all other formats.

URGENT : Need A Tape To DVD Transfer Done Quickly ?
We are based in Coventry about a mile away from the City Centre, if you need something done quickly, just give us a call and we'll see what we can do. We are normally happy to receive customers up unitl about 9pm most days and for a small additional charge we may be able to complete your transfer on the same day. Don't worry if it's a weekend or weekday, morning or evening ! If you need a transfer doing quickly just give us call.

How To Get Your Tapes To Us
We are in Coventry, close to the City Centre, call to arrange sending your tapes to us or personally drop off your precious tapes.

Sharing Your Home Movies With Family & Friends
Our transfer service is a extra service we provide because we feel passionate about families being able to share memories. We feel families have treasure troves of stories to tell and where some have been captured on tape they ought to be shared by a new generation. We also feel viewing photographs and home movies evoke emotions which are all too often forgotten. We are a new family orientated business and we provide our tape transfer service on the basis that it's all part of the "sharing memories" service. Please note, we do not undertake complete viewings of each tape through from start to finish to ascertain the content of footage, what it is, where it is and whether its continuous or not. As such, all tape transfers are chargeable as priced above. If you are seeking a customised service including editing of footage, with bespoke DVD art work, specially designed menus with chapter selections and so forth, please call us for a personalised quote.


Inherit Photography is based in Coventry. We now offer VHS / VHS-C / VHSC / SVHS / S-VHS / SVHSC / S-VHSC / S-VHS-C / C / S / 8mm / Hi8 & DVT / DV Tape Transfers (video format conversions) To DVD. Of course we specialise in offering modern wedding & event photography / photographer services in Coventry, the West Midlands and Warwickshire. We also undertake bespoke work in Coventry, the West Midlands & Warwickshire. We believe we are the number one choice for couples in Coventry, the West Midlands or Warwickshire region seeking Coventry or West Midlands / Warwickshire wedding photographers / photography. We cover weddings nationwide as well as in Coventry, the West Midlands and Warwickshire.

Photography / Photographer : Weddings, Childrens Portraits, Events, Commercial, Asian Ceremonies
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About Us
We are a Coventry based professional photography company working in and around the Midlands. We specialise in weddings as well as family and children's portraits. We also undertake bespoke work, contact us for a quote or to arrange an informal meeting.

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